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Pierre de Fermat was born in 1601 in Beaumont-de-Lomange in southwestern France. He was not even a mathematician, but a civil servant who devoted himself to mathematics as a hobby. He was regarded as one of the most gifted self-taught mathematicians who ever lived.

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How to resolve my problem with tumblr!

(read this post for more explaination | thanks to smoot)

Please keep in mind that 1. There are well over 10 active science editors, and each one of us have different timezone and times of availability to when we edit and feature articles. That being said, sometimes there are lazy or speedy editors that don’t look at what has been posted before featuring an article to avoid duplicates. 2. On the day of the article you posted, there were well over 10 users posting about the same thing. I was the first one to feature the article, and then other editors just ignored or weren’t aware of it and featured the same thing from other users. This is why I announced the things I feature as well as promote them on scinerds, so that we can lower the chances of any duplicates while giving small blogs a chance.

Believe me, I try my best to favor smaller blogs over the more well known ones. The problem with tumblr editorship is that we don’t have a lot of ways where we can gather and communicate with one another. If your article doesn’t get featured it doesn’t mean we’re intentionally ignoring your posts or something. You can look for yourself and see how often the science tag under ‘everything’ gets updated by the hour, and that’s the section I browse when I’m scouting for cool articles for people to read or be aware of.

I know all of these things, but I think that there is really a problem when there are three identical posts in a featured tag: if there was only one, it’s not so important, for me, that my post was ignored: I get used to don’t see my better post in science. And is not only a personal problem: some users post on tumblr some great and original article that are incredibly ignored in favour of posts with wikipedia quotations, for example (I’m a wikipedian, in every case, and I’m really happy if some post with wikipedian quotations are posted on tumblr!).
Probably you’re right: the only problem is that editors don’t talk together, or they don’t control the work of the other editors. But for me is sufficient in order to not track science tag: the alternative, for me, is don’t post about science.